Wednesday, November 25, 2015

How-To: do measurements using camera and common objects of known W/H ratio and length in "Partometer3D - camera measure"

Presentation about Partometer3D.

measure pencil accurately using square wooden tile and credit card.

How to measure:

I use square wooden tile to define the measurement plane. I don't know its dimensions, but I know that it's SQUARE:

- I go to Preferences and select Measurement Plane as Custom Plane.
- Then in How plane is defined I select Only W/H Ratio.
- Then in Custom Plane W/H Ratio I enter 1.0 (square shape).

Now with this settings I can define measurement plane using the wooden tile. I need to set the scale for the measurement plane in selected units (mm). To do this I place a credit card on the plane and use its LONG side as a reference (ROL). 

Then I set ROL size in Preferences:
  1. Using ROL is selected automatically.
  2. Touch Reference Object Length and select Credit card (Long Side) from the list.

Now I am ready to measure:
- bound the wooden tile with reference box on the screen.
- use blue ruler (ROL) to mark the credit card length
- measure the pencil with white ruler!

Please note, in this example if I use a wooden tile of known size I don't need ROL for measurements - the tile would define the plane and scale automatically as soon as we select corresponding option in Preferences and enter its dimensions.


1. Use option menu button to open Preferences in the menu. On some devices it appears as a "..." (three dots) button as you can see on the screenshots in the upper right corner. You might have a problem with this button on Samsung devices, in this case please check our post:

2."ROL" and " W / H" boxes in the lower left corner are touchable and you can do SHORT or LONG touches as a shortcut for plane and ROL settings.

3. Measurement accuracy depends on how accurate you mark your references. Please select bigger reference objects to get better result. In this presentation sheet of paper is a good choice for measurements of small objects (screws, rings, etc) on it.

Partometer3D Android app on Google Play

Friday, November 13, 2015

[Android] Planimeter fix: share and open KML files directly from Google Drive.

Open KML file from Google Drive
Android version of Planimeter has been updated to v4.5.3 with  a KML sharing fix. 

Now KML files, shared from Planimeter via Google Drive,  can be opened directly from the  Drive.

Also in the mobile version of Google Earth you can use Google Drive option to open synced files.

              Planimeter Android app on Google Play

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Agritechnica 2015: Michelin Pressure Calculator has been presented on agricultural machinery and equipment exhibition.

Michelin Pressure Calculator Application has been presented on one of the largest exhibition for agricultural machinery and equipment - AGRITECHNICA 2015. 

The app is available for Android and iOS and it is a useful tool for quick pressure calculations for different Tire/Tool configurations.

We have participated  in the project as a developer and used the measurement technique from Partometer application for the distinctive feature of the app - estimation of wheelbase and rear/front tool distances from a vehicle picture.  

You can find summary of the Michelin Press Conference in Agritechnica 2015 HERE.

P.S. Those, who are interested in farming, might also  find useful our Planimeter App (Android, iOSfor land measurements on maps or using GPS and our  SolarMeter App (AndroidiOS)