Saturday, March 26, 2016

What is my face shape? Face Shape Meter app released for Android.

Face Shape Meter, a simple and easy tool for detecting your face shape from a picture, has been released on Android OS and available on Google Play.

This app will help you to find out your face shape quickly, without using any additional measurement tools and techniques. 

In the app you have options to take picture with front/rear camera or upload face picture from a gallery. For accurate contour adjustment you can zoom in picture as shown on the screenshot above. 

Zooming and dragging of the face contour, and also Undo/Redo and Reset actions make face outlining easy and quick. Also you have an option to share a screenshot with your face shape result.

The app released as  free app with ability to upgrade to full version. In the free version you will be able to run and test the app on your device, work with face contour, see help. 

You can get time limited access to the full version, if you use our promotional offer available in the app.

How it works: 
  1. make or upload picture 
  2. outline / measure your face with special contour as shown below 
  3. press Show Face Shape button in the middle and see the result

Also see Help in the app for other details and app control description.

For best result use a picture with neutral face expression, where your head is directed straight to the camera. Turning your head might affect the final result. Before measurements make sure your hairline is visible.

Thank you for your interest in our apps and please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions.

SolarMeter Android app on Google Play

Friday, March 4, 2016

[iOS] Spotlight on Picture - simple tool for highlighting details on photos and sharing your notes quickly.

New app for iPhone and iPad Spotlight on Picture is available in the App Store.

It's a simple tool for taking a picture with highlighting and focusing on specific details. You can quickly add a note to the picture and share it from the app with one touch.

How to use