Monday, July 25, 2016

[iOS] Pupil Distance Meter Simple Edition: quick and simple Pupillary Distance measure

Pupil Distance Meter is a tool for quick PD measurements using a rear or front camera on your mobile device and any standard card (e.g. gift card, id card, credit card, etc)

Simple Edition of the app has simple measurement procedure that allows you to achieve more accurate and consistent measurement results.


Pupil Distance Meter Simple Edition.

How to use:
  1. Take a face picture with a reference card (see picture below how to hold the card properly)
  2. Mark eye pupils with the white ruler 
  3. Mark a reference card length with the blue ruler
  4. See PD result  at the top

For accurate and repeatable measurements you would need to hold a reference card next to your eye corner on the left or right side of your face. The card  has to be on the same vertical plane with your eye pupils and be parallel to the camera / display. 

How to hold a reference card properly

For the best result do not bring the camera close to your face and keep it at arm's length or farther. Don't focus your eyes on the camera when taking a picture, try to look "through" the device - by doing this you can avoid bringing additional error when fixing  pupils at one point.
As a final step make sure your PD result is within normal measurement range:  50 - 78 mm for adults (41- 55 mm for kids). If it's not, please check the above instructions thoroughly and try again.

If you have questions about the app or have improvement suggestions, please contact us.