Thursday, July 9, 2015

[Android] New "Distance and Bearing" feature in Planimeter v4.3 - adding points on the map via length and angle inputs.

Distance and Bearing dialog
Planimeter v4.3.0 for Android introduces new way of adding points to Google Maps for measurements. 

Planimeter users have been asking for an option to add points via length and angle inputs (like in Autocad). Now this feature is available from location provider list (green button) under "Distance & Brg".

With this feature you can quickly lay out any shape on the map with exact dimensions and orientation; measure regular polygons on a map surface with couple clicks.

How it works

- select "Distance & Brg" using green button

- add start point,  otherwise last point will be used as a start point

- make a SHORT /  LONG touch on "My location" button to call input dialog

- enter exact distance and angle / bearing

- CHECK, if you want to use relative angle (calculated  from the direction to the last point, opposite to the direction to the North.

- use +/- buttons to add or remove points 

Please watch the video below that demonstrates key moments of using the new feature:

We are looking forward to your feedback, comments and suggestions.
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