Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Pupillary Distance Measure X - get your accurate PD with 1 tap only.

Pupillary Distance is the distance between the centers of the pupils. PD is needed when purchasing glasses online or adjusting your IPD settings in VR headset or other optical instruments, so that the centers of your eyes coincide with the optical centers of the lenses. PD value changes when you look into the distance or when you read, so you would need different PD values for distance and reading eyeglasses.

You can find out your PD from your glasses prescription or by visiting your optician, but if you don’t have such options, you can measure PD yourself.

There are several common methods for measuring PD:
  1.  A millimeter ruler can be used for measurements. You can do it yourself using a mirror or asking a friend. This method is not the most accurate and requires certain skills and patience, especially if you need both distance and near PD values.
  2. Using a phone camera and a mobile application. Such apps require a known size object (e.g. credit card) and a clear understanding of the measurement procedure in order to get an accurate result. Usually it takes some time to learn the application and you would need to perform multiple measurements to avoid errors.

use your iPhone X or newer to measure PD with one tap only
Pupillary Distance Measure X
Our Puillary Distance Measure X app utilizes the new features of the iPhone X and newer devices to avoid the disadvantages of mentioned above methods. You can get accurate distance and near PD values in a matter of seconds.

The app has the following distinctive features:
- no need for any additional objects (ruler, card, mirror) or assistance
- automatic pupil centers detection
- distance and near PD with 1 tap only

We hope you will appreciate the convenience of our app.
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Enjoy the app!