Thursday, July 24, 2014

"Planimeter - GPS Area Measure" - popular Android app for measurements on maps is now available for iOS.

"Planimeter - GPS Area Measure" on iOS

We have had many requests from users about developing iOS version of our popular map measurement app - “Planimeter - GPS area measure”. The app has been available on Android platform for some time  and received very positive feedback.

We are proud to announce that the first version of "Planimeter - GPS area measure" has been released and available on the App Store.

This version of the app is not exact copy of the Android tool in terms of functionality. Android version of Planimeter has evolved over time (with kind help, feedback  and suggestions from the app users) from a simple tool for manual distance estimation on Google Maps to the tool with many handy features used by professionals on a daily basis.  The first iOS version of the app uses Apple Maps and already offers plenty of features for comfortable and productive work:

  • Accurate distance and area calculation
  • Metric and Imperial units (m, km, feet, yards, miles, ha, acres)
  • Angle between lines
  • Bearings To and From selected point
  • Forth and Back navigation through points by touch on Info Panel
  • GPS coordinates of a point
  • GPS accuracy settings (if GPS available)
  • Manage previously saved projects: open, save, share KML files
  • KML files created by Planimeter can be imported to  Google Earth and Google Maps to view on a desktop
  • Send data by email: picture, coordinates as text message, KML file
  • Save KML or TXT in local storage
  • Map/Satellite View
  • Zoom and Edit points
  • Current location search
  • Text (address) search
  • Delete selected/last/all points
  • Zoom to Fit-in and center points on a screen - quick points search
  • Add points by touch
  • Add current location as a point
  • Show location with Latitude and Longitude coordinates
  • Add points by Geo-coordinates: Lat and Lng
  • Option to center last point added
  • Option to show/hide lines
  • Preferences: location accuracy, tracking time interval, delete points confirmation, sound option for tracking
  • Separate units settings for distance, area, perimeter
  • Target Mode for accurate pin placement
  • Show current coordinates in Target Mode
  • Stylus Draw Mode
  • Full-screen option
  • Manual pin placement option in GPS Tracking

You can read our recent post, Measurements on Google Maps using Planimeter App, about Android version that gives a good overview of the app, its applications and user experience with the app. We hope the app  will also be useful for iOS users.

Here is an example how you can quickly estimate area on the map in manual mode:

We would appreciate any feedback, early bug reports and improvement suggestions from you. Please contact us at

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