Friday, July 25, 2014

Planimeter - GPS Area Measure for iOS. How to manage files. Save and Open previously saved measurements.

This video demonstrates how to  manage your measurements using Save and Open features in recently released Planimeter - GPS Area Measure app on iOS.

This functionality is very useful not only for saving your area and distance measurements but also can be very handy for storing your favorite locations to visit later again or to map an initial spot you want come back to (e.g. to find your car, property, house, park, tent, tree, etc.)

Planimeter - GPS Area Measure is our mobile application for different land measurements on maps using Geo-coordinates, Satellite view with manual touch or GPS tracking. The app can be applied in such areas as farming, road building and repairing, construction and planning, solar panel installation, real estate business, hiking and travel and many others.

Planimeter Android app on Google Play

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