Monday, March 23, 2015

[iOS] Millimeter Pro - screen ruler v1.1.7: Manual Input and Circle Measurements added.

Millimeter - screen ruler  has been recently updated with new features and improvements.  

Manual input

Now you are able to set manually: 
    - exact width and height in Ruler Mode
    - exact radius and number of parts in Circle Mode
    - exact length and number of parts to split in Parts Mode

How it works:

- touch Results View (in any mode) at the lower left corner of the screen to call     input dialog

How to call manual input dialog
- enter values and press Done

Manual Input in Ruler Mode

Circle Mode

Now you can measure circle radius diameter and area in Circle mode. Touch and Move at any point of the screen to adjust slowly radius of the circle.

Circle Measurement

You will find the same features in Android version of the app as well.

Millimeter Pro Android app on Google Play

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