Friday, February 6, 2015

New Magnifying Glass (zoom) feature in Touch and Drawing Modes improves usability and accuracy of "Planimeter - GPS Area Measure" on Android

Zoom feature (Magnifying Glass), recently introduced only in Edit Mode , is available in Touch and Drawing  Modes now. It improves usability and accuracy of Planimeter on Android by showing a touch region hidden under your finger and by zooming in an  exact spot on the map where  a pin is about to be dropped. 

How it works
- make sure Magnifying Glass is enabled in the app settings.
- touch the map and hold your finger to pull up the Magnifying Glass in Touch Mode
- move your finger, see zoomed area under it and drop a pin at a desired location.

The video below demonstrates two ways  to place pins for field marking and measurement. As you can see,  new feature helps users to avoid extra pin adjustment and to be even more efficient while getting accurate results with Planimeter.

The same zoom functionality is available also in Drawing Mode, where free shape can be quickly drawn and measured on  Google Maps. Magnifying Glass significantly improves this mode, because now users even without a stylus can accurately follow borders, paths, tracks and other features on the map for accurate planning and measurements. Check out the video below, where a finger is used to outline an object on  the map in Drawing Mode. 

Drawing with a finger on Google Maps in Draw Mode before (left) and after (right) the update v3.8.5.

We hope you will  find new Planimeter update useful and will benefit from it in your daily work. 

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