Wednesday, July 30, 2014

SolarMeter - GPS solar measure. Solar energy or solar panel output estimation at your current location.

SolarMeter - GPS Solar Measure is Android solar energy analyzer tool that allows you to calculate and estimate solar power and energy output of a solar cell panel at specific location. 

SolarMeter helps you to check solar potential of your roof, how much solar power you are getting at your location throughout the year and to estimate how much energy a photo-voltaic system can generate per month. 

SolarMeter Features: 

  • Real-time solar power calculation based on current location, panel/device orientation and panel/device tilt 
  • Solar Power and Energy calculation for different period of time: day, month, year 
  • Ideal (calculated) and experimental statistical solar data (offline) available 
  • Sensor based inputs for orientation and tilt 
  • Automatic current location search using GPS and Network 
  • Graph/Plot 2D data presentation 
  • Solar panel efficiency control 
  • Bill and Saving estimation based on user input (energy monthly or annual consumption). 
  • Roof tilt angle measurement 
  • Roof area calculation based on Planimeter* or/and Partometer* apps measurements 
  • Metric and Imperial units 

Go Green! 

* Note: These apps need to be installed to be able to use them for measurements.

Planimeter Android app on Google Play

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